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As a landlord, it is important to have a Lodger Agreement in place to protect yourself and your property. However, it can be a hassle to create a new agreement every time a new lodger comes into the picture. This is where a Lodger Agreement template comes in handy! In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using a template and where to find a free Lodger Agreement template that suits your needs.

Advantages of Using a Lodger Agreement Template

1. Saves Time: Creating a new agreement for every new lodger can be a tedious task. Using a template can save you time and effort as it already contains all the necessary clauses and provisions.

2. Ensures Legal Compliance: A well-drafted Lodger Agreement should comply with local laws and regulations. Using a template from a trusted source ensures that your agreement will meet legal requirements and protect your interests.

3. Provides Clarity: A Lodger Agreement sets out the expectations and responsibilities of both the landlord and the lodger. Using a template ensures that all the necessary terms are included, and both parties are aware of their respective obligations.

4. Reduces Disputes: A clear and comprehensive Lodger Agreement can prevent disputes between landlords and lodgers. By using a template, you can include provisions that cover common issues, such as payment, maintenance, and access to common areas.

Where to Find a Free Lodger Agreement Template

Finding a free Lodger Agreement template is easy, with many online resources readily available. Here are a few sources that can help you find the right template:

1. Gov.uk: The government website offers a free Lodger Agreement template that complies with the law in England and Wales.

2. The Tenancy Agreement Service: The Tenancy Agreement Service offers a free Lodger Agreement template that is in compliance with the law in England and Wales.

3. Rocket Lawyer: Rocket Lawyer offers a free Lodger Agreement template that you can customize to meet your specific needs.

4. LawDepot: LawDepot offers a free Lodger Agreement template that is customizable to meet the laws and regulations in your region.


Using a Lodger Agreement template can save you time and effort, ensure legal compliance, provide clarity and reduce disputes. By utilizing free resources available online, you can easily find a Lodger Agreement template that works for you. Protect yourself and your property by creating a comprehensive Lodger Agreement with the help of a template!